About the MASTA Foundation


Foundation Annual Scholarships

Colleges and universities are the foundation of a strong and healthy economy. The Mid-Atlantic STA Foundation is dedicated to the needs of students of business, finance, and economics and is proud to offer our Annual Scholarship Awards. This year the Foundation intends to award a minimum of three $2,500 scholarships, one in each member jurisdiction of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. The scholarship winners will be announced in August, with monies forwarded to the respective schools on behalf of the recipients prior to the Fall semester.

Who Is Eligible for the Foundation Scholarships?

Eligible candidates to be considered for the scholarship application should be undergraduates who are currently sophomore or junior business majors with a concentration in finance or economics and who are enrolled at a four-year state-sponsored or private college or university. Applicants must also be U.S. citizens. Please note repeat applications and recipients are accepted.


Requirements for applying for the scholarship consist of a completed application form, grade point average transcript, and school and summer addresses, telephone numbers, and email address.  Also, a 500-word essay entitled “How the securities markets affect our daily lives” and two reference letters are required.

The scholarship committee has established the following guidelines for evaluating candidates:
1) Grade Point Average
2) 500 word Essay entitled “How the Securities Markets Affect Our Daily Lives”
3) Awards/academic honors received in and out of college
4) Extracurricular/school/athletic activities
5) Letters of reference (minimum 2)

Apply Online

Email Seth McDonnell with questions or call 410.825.0996 (office) or 410.961.6115(cell)