Stock Market Game


What is the Stock Market Game?

The Stock Market Game is a simulation game for the United States Market developed to promote a better understanding of the Financial Investment System and how it works. Aimed at upper elementary, junior high, and high schools, and college students, this simulation helps students to understand:
• How to trade in the stock market
• The costs and benefits involved in economic decision making
• Buyers and market demand
• Sellers and market supply
• Sources and uses of capital
• Forms of business organizations
• How our economy is changing

The Stock Market Game allows students to “trade” on the New York and American Stock Exchanges using imaginary funds in competition with teams from other schools. The Game involves a hypothetical $100,000, which is to be invested in a portfolio of common stock. The students choose to buy or sell shares each day based on the next day’s closing prices found in their newspaper. They are responsible for managing their investment over a 10-week period. The transactions are entered on computer sheets each day and given to a teacher/sponsor who sends them to EconomicsAmerica-Nebraska at the Unviersity of Nebraska-Lincoln. Transactions are analyzed and a weekly statement is issued to each team which includes the status of their portfolio, including calculations of brokerage fees and interst charges on margin transactions. The team in each region which has made the greatest gain on its original investment will be declared the winner.

Students are enthusiastic about the SMG because of its realism, team-based decision-making, and genuine fun. Since the game is now computerized, students have the ability to check their ranking weekly versus all state teams in their division. They quickly learn the rewards of prudent investing.

Teachers turn to the Stock Market Game to help meet educational standards across many required disciplines. They find the SMG provides an unmatched level of comprehensive curriculum materials for students of all ability levels and life situations. Innovations in our region include using the game in juvenile detention facilities and prisons and engaging in competitions with local professional teams. The MSTA applauds the tireless commitment to our communities by these educators through the use of the SMG to teach our children the value of a solid economic education.
Contributors to this article include: Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship, University of Delaware; Maryland Council on Economic Education, Towson University; and Virginia Council on Economic Education.

Why a Stock Market Game?

An economically literate population is crucial to our nation’s health. The world is changing rapidly, driven by economic, demographic, and technological forces. Today’s marketplace is truly global and changes are continuously on the horizon. Tomorrow’s producers, consumers, and voters are in grades K-12. Without a clear understanding of the global economic system, they will be unable to function effectively in a world that is certain to look very different by the time they reach adulthood.

The entrepreneurial spirit is also critical in today’s economy. As U.S. industries restructure, downsizing continues. Job security is a thing of the past and workers realize that they need to take responsibility for their own futures. Now, more than ever, students need practical skills and experiences to succeed in an increasingly complex business environment.

The Stock Market Game is the most comprehensive educational tool that provides students with real life skills and experiences in economics, math, computers, reading, and social studies.

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